Start communicating in Spanish without frustration and having fun during the process.

Learning a language has never been so effective and enjoyable.




¡Muy buenas! Soy Cris

  • Your future Spanish teacher! a Spanish and an energetic teacher.
  • Yes, I have 9 years of experience, but that’s not the key to the success of my students.
  • Neither the 4 languages I have learned or my teaching certificate.

years of experience




Beginners (A1 – A2) and intermediate (B1)

📅 1 weekly lesson

😎 1 weekly challenge
(Film yourself cooking a tortilla de patatas and explain it in Spanish)

✅ Challange corrections

✍ 1 exercise audio, video, text per week

📐1 grammar exercise per week

📱 SUPPORTING via WhatsApp during the week

This is one of the reasons of the success of this program


3 months

with the option to continue once completed

The key to the success of my students in communicating in Spanish and overcoming fear and frustration while speaking in Spanish is…

Practicing Spanish with my program.

Only adults who want to have fun and learn fast!